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Grow your capacity to deal with the challenges which life throws at you.

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Embodied Resilience

We all have the innate ability to bounce back from setbacks and trauma, but this resilience doesn’t always come easily or naturally. Fortunately, resilience can be learnt. Resilience is not just something we have; it is something we do. It’s the small things we do every day, the small acts and steps that lead to creating gentle strength and adaptability in our being.

…Resilience is not just something we have; it is something we do…

Change is constant but we are currently facing profound shifts in our environment, our societies, the way we live and connect. What gives us meaning is changing too or coming into focus.  And I feel compelled to explore ways to support adaptability, cooperation and wholeness in myself as well as in my work with individuals and groups.

As a result of these reflections, I developed the resilience courses bringing together my experience from varied backgrounds in the spheres of clinical hypnotherapy, Qigong and Mindfulness. These disciplines coming together create a wonderful synergy to enhance resilience.

Training courses to develop resilience

Resilience refers to our ability to take challenges and setbacks in our stride - to learn and grow from them. Beyond adaptability, resilience also helps us have more capacity for enjoyment and authenticity in our lives.

The Embodied resilience courses and workshops will give you:

•    Tools and understanding to access your resources in difficult times

•    The capacity to be more adaptable and flexible

•    The ability to think more clearly and positively

•    The power to take control of your well-being


If you want to thrive and feel more like yourself, even in times of adversity, one of these courses are for you!

Embodied Resilience – 6 weeks

Over the duration of the course we will learn about how your brain and body work at their best and what we can do to foster resilience. You will learn a variety of resilience skills that we will practice and discuss together…

CPD Resilience for therapists and Practitioners

This training is designed for practitioners (including counsellors, coaches, therapists and teachers) who wish to familiarise themselves with evidence-based resilience tools they can use in their client work and to support themselves in supporting others…

Resilience for students and young adults

Resilience courses and mentoring are a positive step toward a better mental health and resilience. The course’s objective is to support students in learning how to cultivate their own strengths, build resilience, and acquire a toolkit of positive habits that …

Resilience at work

Resilience is more needed than ever in the workplace. Today’s working world is increasingly turbulent, with individuals facing stress, adversity and increasing demands.
To face demands we need resources. If we are not resourced enough to meet those…


“The course has given me the insight and understanding of how we can use a straightforward but effective toolkit to change our unhelpful ways and thoughts, in order to approach life in a more positive, (Dharmic) way."



6 Weeks Embodied Resilience

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