Frequently asked questions

Where do I start? I’m interested but not sure what to do next:

We normally start with an initial consultation. It’s an informal discussion, for a whole hour, which give us the opportunity to find out more about you, what you are seeking to address, discuss the way I work and how it could benefit you.

It’s the first step on your new journey.

If you decided to carry on, then we will book some sessions in the diary and proceed from there.

I will then give you access to the client’s page on my website where you will be able to download your relaxation CD and other resources.

Does it work?

Yes! All the therapy tools and techniques I use are evidence based and effective.

Hypnotherapy is a talking therapy that relies on the commitment and motivation from both the therapist and the client to get the best results. Part of the treatment occurs in the consulting room and part of the treatment is cognitive reflection, homework or behavioral change on the client’s part outside of the sessions. As the client, when you agree to undertake a course of treatment you also agree to engage with the process, complete any home tasks that you are given and listen to the CD’s at appropriate times. It is with commitment and partnership working that you will see the best results.

Will I need to talk about my childhood?

At the initial consultation there is an opportunity for you to share some history that is relevant, if you wish to. We generally don’t dig into your past, this is not an analytical therapy.

A solution focused model of psychotherapy provides a framework to facilitate change and move forward with your life. The dialogue helps you articulate what you want to change and what you want to achieve.

How will I feel after the sessions? Will I feel sad?

Quite the opposite! Often clients will feel calm but energised after sessions. I expect you may feel clearer, relaxed, brighter, more confident or maybe at times challenged in a positive way.

Sometimes I get little emails like this one between sessions: "Morning Stephanie. I've a real spring in my step this morning. I think a lot of it is down to your sessions. thank you. Hope you have a great day too."

How many sessions will I need?

That can vary a lot depending on personality, needs, circumstances and what you came to therapy for in the first place.

Generally, people come to see me for anxiety, stress, depression or self-esteem issues. We can achieve meaningful and long-term changes in those areas with as little as 8-12 sessions. But some people will want more sessions, some less!

For IBS and menopause, I offer packages of 8 sessions, as these are a good average. For smoking it’s a three-session package.

But these are just indicative, this is your therapy and is unique and personalised to you. We can design it to work at your pace.

What is Hypnosis? Will I lose control in the session?

Hypnosis refers to a natural, powerful and safe state of relaxation that the hypnotherapist will guide you into.

During your hypnotherapy session you remain in total control of your body and mind and you are able to come out of hypnosis at any time.

Believe it or not we all experience a state of hypnosis many times a day. It is rather like daydreaming. An example might be your drive to work and you have no recollection of parts of the journey when you arrive.

Does Hypnotherapy work online as well as it does face-to-face?

I have worked as a Clinical Hypnotherapist since 2008. Most of that time I have been working in my clinic and getting very good results. Now, since 2020 I work a lot online and I am getting the same results. The only area that changes is it possibly takes slightly longer to build therapeutic rapport, but luckily this comes quite quickly anyway.

You will need to consider where you will be for your online session though. You will probably want to be in a private space where you won't be interrupted. You will also need to have a reasonably good internet connection.

Can I have some face-to-face Hypnotherapy?

Of course!

At time of writing, we still have restrictions in place due to Covid 19 pandemic, and I carry risks assessments on a regular basis. We will need to discuss the specific rules in place at time of contact and you will have to be prepared to follow social distancing and related rules within the clinic.

How long will each session be and how much will they cost?

Sessions are usually 50 to 60 minutes (excluding smoking cessation packages).

The agreed fee per session is as stated at the initial consultation and current prices are available here

Do you offer concessions:

In some cases we may be able to discuss a reduced rate, as I wouldn’t want to exclude people who really need therapy and want to change. This is only available for people who are committed to the therapy and understand their role in the process of change.

What if I’m running late?

Please do your best to let me know if you are running late. There are some slots I have available that mean I am able to continue with your full session, but often I will have another client waiting and therefore it may mean our session has to be a little shorter. If your session needs to be curtailed due to your late arrival, then the session fee remains payable in full.

What if I need to rearrange my session?

Please let me know as soon as possible if you cannot attend an agreed appointment or wish to change the time. If you provide less than 24 hours’ notice, the charge for that session is still payable and if you cancel more than two appointments I will have to request that any future appointments are payable in advance to secure your appointment slot. In extreme circumstances, I may choose to waver the cancellation fee e.g. severe disruptive weather conditions, sudden illness, bereavement.

This reflects the commitment between us both as therapist and client to your therapeutic process. This also protects my business sustainability and allows me to give the cancelled slot to another client on a waiting list.

If I need to rearrange a session due to an emergency I will let you know at my earliest opportunity.

Is it confidential?

Everything we talk about during our sessions is strictly confidential between you and me. A summary of my privacy policy is available as a link to my website and the full document (11 pages) is available on demand.

However, as a therapist, I have a professional obligation to report to relevant authorities any suspicion of abuse or harm to a child. I also have a professional obligation to report to relevant authorities any concerns if I believe the client may be intending to cause harm to themselves, the therapist or others