Embodied Resilience

6 weeks courses for individuals

Resilience training helps build resources in your Body, Mind and Heart. Resilience refers to our ability to take challenges and setbacks in our stride and learn and grow from them. Beyond adaptability, resilience also helps us have more capacity for enjoyment and authenticity in our lives.

Over the duration of the course we will learn about how your brain and body work at their best and what we can do to foster resilience. You will learn a variety of resilience skills that we will practice and discuss together. You will find out more about yourself and what may need nurturing in you in order to embody your strength.

If you want to feel more like yourself, be more adaptable and flexible, be able to think more clearly and positively, and be more in charge of your well-being, this course is for you!


Course details

Course overview

This course is open to all who wish to attend and participate. It is limited to 20 people to allow participation. The course offers:

  • 6 weeks of live tutorials

  • Exercises in the group, in pairs or individually

  • Lectures

  • Home practices

  • Worksheets included

Online courses: Delivery method by Zoom. Each session is 1.5 hours long and will be recorded for attendees only.

In person courses: Sessions are 2 hours long, with a short break in the middle.

Hosted by Stephanie Betschart, the sessions cover teaching on Resilience, positive psychology and nuggets from neuroscience to clarify your understanding, Somatic practices, practicing resilience tools together in small groups or pairs to embody your knowing. You will receive follow up emails with worksheets and practice suggestions for the week.

Draws from a number of sources including Resilience tools and strategies, Solution Focused Coaching, Neuroscience, Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, QiGong and embodiment principles.

Learning outcomes

Attending this course you will:

  • have an embodied sense of what being resilient is to you: that means, feeling in your own experience what it is life for you to be resilient

  • have practiced resilience for a month together, you will have gained tools and understanding about how to support your own wellbeing mentally, physically and emotionally in an experiential way

  • be able to continue cultivating your own resilience

  • be able to apply practical resilience strategies that can help when facing challenging situations in any area of your life

Course Dates and Times

Dates: Tuesdays, 26th of October and 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th of November.

Times: Tuesdays, 5:30pm-7pm

Each week we will:

  • Do some practical resilience exercises together

  • Share in pairs and or in the group

  • Receive some input from me about the how and why of the resilience strategies that we are exploring that week

  • Explore and practice some embodiment technique to help us have a direct experience of grounding, balance, centering and anchoring

  • Learn and practice some mindfulness together

  • Do resilience home practices and Discuss and share on the Facebook group between sessions

  • Not take ourselves too seriously and have fun learning positive tools together

What are the course fees?

£95 Early Bird

£150 thereafter

£81.00 concession – OAP, Student and unwaged

Use the discount codes (in the course details) at checkout

If you are suffering with financial hardship: please Get in touch