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Embodied Resilience

for students and young adults

Over the last decade we have been witnessing a worrying increase in depression and anxiety amongst adolescents and young adults. Universities are experiencing a surge in student anxiety, mental breakdowns and depression.

Students have a lot to deal with, they have a lot of pressure related to their studies and the stress of the exams themselves. On top of that, a lot of them struggle with the transition from home and the familiarity of school to life at Uni with all its unknown and social pressures. Later they must prepare for the transition into the world of work, which can be even more daunting and unpredictable.

Resilience courses and mentoring are a positive step toward a better mental health and resilience. The course’s objective is to support students in learning how to cultivate their own strengths, build resilience, and acquire a toolkit of positive habits that will equip them for life.

We prioritise working with charities and Universities. If you want to find out more, receive a brochure or book Stephanie in for a presentation, please get in touch.

Course details

The course is designed around the three pillars of resilience mindset, relating to cognitive resilience, optimism and problem solving; resilience of body, relating to regulation of the nervous system and ability to take positive actions; and resilience of heart, relating to finding support, foster positive relationships and emotions.

Attending the embodied Resilience course, students will :

  • Gain self-knowledge and the power to take control of their own well being

  • Learn embodied techniques and mindfulness to get out of their head and back into emotional balance

  • Be and feel more connected to their sources of support

  • Be more themself, feel more in control and have more agency

  • Be able to achieve their goals, study, and move forward in their adult life

  • Learn how to foster an optimistic outlook and cope with uncertainty

  • Be able to continue cultivating their own resilience

More details about the Course

  • 6 weeks or 4 weeks courses tailored to your group’s needs, consisting of live tutorials, practical exercises and home practices.

  • Online through your organisation’s online teaching platform or on zoom.

  • In person on your premises.

  • 1.5 hours weekly sessions

  • Home task and online resources

  • Draws from a number of sources including Resilience tools and strategies, Solution Focused Coaching, Neuroscience, Mindfulness, QiGong and embodiment principles.

Also available for your organisation

Solution focused mentoring for students:

one-to-one support sessions (online)

I specialise in working with people who are experiencing escalating anxiety symptoms and who don’t feel like themselves anymore. One to one sessions can work well after attendance to a resilience workshop or as stand alone.

  • Problem free talk and person-centred process, focusing on strength and resources to generate positive changes in thoughts and behaviours.

  • An explanation of how the brain works and what is behind why we feel the way we do gives empowering self-knowledge.

  • A guided relaxation download supports the natural brain in processing stress, reducing anxiety and fostering confidence.

To find out more about one-to-one support for students online, get in touch.



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