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Embodied Resilience

Resilience at work

Resilience is more needed than ever in the workplace. Today’s working world is increasingly turbulent, with individuals facing stress, adversity and increasing demands.

To face demands we need resources. If we are not resourced enough to meet those demands it creates stress which can lead to burnout, disengagement, and mental health issues.

Resilience doesn’t always seem to come easily or naturally to everyone. Fortunately, resilience can be learnt. Resilience is not just something we have; it is something we do. It’s the small things we do every day, the small acts and steps that lead to creating positive focus, grit and adaptability.

What is resilience?

Resilience refers to our ability to “bounce back” from adversity. It is characterised by the capacity to cope, recover, to take challenges and setbacks in our stride. And at our best, resilience refers to our ability to learn from the experience, to become stronger as a result and be better equipped next time around.

We prioritise working with charities and the public sector. If you want to find out more, receive a brochure or book Stephanie in for a presentation, please get in touch.

The Workshops

Embodied Heart offers one day and half day workshops and mentoring for professional resilience. Courses can be delivered online and face-to-face. The courses can be adapted to suit the requirements of your organisation.

Topics covered include:

  • Positive Thoughts: Flexible Thinking: The ABC of cognitive resilience; Growth Mindset; Problem solving

  • Positive Actions: Health; Self-Regulation techniques to stay calm under pressure; Motivation; Building on strengths and capitalising on success

  • Positive Relationships: Cooperation; Support networks in the workplace

  • The neuroscience of resilience

Benefits to your organisation:

The Resilience at work workshops offer practical tools that support a mindset that is open to information, flexible in its views and, primed to envisage positive outcomes. This is supported by the ability to self-regulate when facing demands and stress. Also, underpinning those resilient behaviours are approaches to work that are cooperative and seek common successes.

Benefits to your organisation:

  • Reduced stress and increased physical and emotional balance

  • Feeling more in control in demanding situations

  • Increased optimism and developing a solution focused mindset

  • Ability to implement positive tools immediately

Also available for your organisation

Solution focused mentoring in the workplace:

one-to-one support sessions (online)

I also offer individual support packages for valuable employees needing more personalised support. These sessions can work well after attendance to a resilience workshop or as stand alone.

  • Problem free talk and person-centred process, focusing on strength and resources to generate positive changes in thoughts and behaviours.

  • An explanation of how the brain works and what is behind why we feel the way we do gives empowering self-knowledge.

  • A guided relaxation download supports the natural brain in processing stress, reducing anxiety and fostering confidence.

To find out more about one-to-one support in the workplace online, get in touch.



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