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Embodied Resilience

CPD Resilience for Therapists and Practioners

This training is designed for practitioners (including counsellors, coaches, therapists and teachers) who wish to familiarise themselves with evidence-based resilience tools they can use in their client work and to support themselves in supporting others.

The last twenty years has seen breakthroughs in our scientific understanding of what helps us cope with adversity, adapt and thrive. Research in the fields of positive psychology has also shown that resilience training helps protect against the risk of depression, anxiety and stress while also strengthening our capacity to face challenges and recover more quickly to prevent burnout.

Ancient embodied practices such as Qigong and somatic meditation have always pointed to the pool of resilience and strength that is available to us all within our own bodies and awareness, regardless of physical abilities, cultural context or religion.

My own approach draws from a number of professional sources including resilience tools and strategies, solution focused coaching, neuroscience and hypnotherapy. And I also draw from my 25 years of experience, personal practice and teaching in Buddhist meditation, Mindfulness, QiGong and embodiment principles.

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