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Courses and Retreats

Classes and Workshops

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Monthly Qigong and Meditation Workshops: Monmouth, 3rd Saturday of the month
No events at the moment

Why come on my courses?

My courses, classes and retreats are an expression of my own professional and personal journey

I have experienced and witnessed many personal transformations over the years and know that people have the resources within themselves to be well and live their own authentic lives.


My work applies clinical and practical spiritual approaches to support healing and growth. This is a safe and compassionate space and holistic environment, which aims to support individuals nurture their own resources and strengths and grow into who they really are.


The courses are an opportunity to integrate the solution focused approach, positive psychology and neuroscience with the body work and meditation. In different ways depending on the course!

It is fascinating how these approaches relate to, and support, each other. I am finding more and more bridges between all of it, which informs and deepens the way I work with people.

I am also finding more professionals integrating the mind-body connection in their work, it certainly is the therapeutic approach of the future. 

This integrated approach  can lead to remarkable results.

Professional background

My qualifications can be found on the “About” page and summarised here:

  • A solution focused hypnotherapist since 2008, using solution focused models of well-being based on neuroscience, mindfulness and resilience practices to help people shift out of inertia and into well-being.


  • Practicing Buddhist meditation since 1995, attending numerous retreats, and getting ordained. As well as studying Buddhist psychology and secular mindfulness, I also teach meditation and insight inquiry.


  • Been fascinated by Qigong since my 20s. After being unwell in 2009, I took it up regularly, training in the Hua Gong tradition and visiting other masters to clarify my understanding. In 2018 I qualified as a Qigong teacher with the Shiatsu College.


  • A certificate in education and training awarded in 2020



Clinical and solution

focussed hypnotherapy



Embodied resilience
courses and workshops



Qigong and

meditation teaching

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