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Listen to this deep rejuvenating stress booster hypnosis in the day to let go of accumulated tension and feel refreshed and ready to engage with the rest of your day.


This hypnosis recording has been specifically designed as a daytime “power nap” to rest the system into balance and calm and recharge your batteries in only 15 minutes.


Step away from the busyness for a few moments and refresh your mindset to gain perspective and clarity.


  • Once you buy this hypnotherapy programme you will receive MP3 File

  • The mp3 will be conveniently delivered straight into your inbox for you to use in your own time.

  • 15 minutes long.

  • Binaural Beats and Alpha Waves to promote creativity and the state of conscious relaxation and calmness.

  • Best used as a “power nap” during the day

  • Never use whilst driving or engaged in activities that require your attention

Fast-track Relaxation



    Clinical and solution

    focussed hypnotherapy



    Embodied resilience
    courses and workshops



    Qigong and

    meditation teaching

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